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checker game

Salle Française - Play Now! (2). Sala Español - Play Now! (2). Magyar szoba - Play Now! (0). Bullet Checkers - Play Now! (35). Tournament Room - Play Now!. Checkers Game. Drag and Drop. Blue goes first. For a double jump, drag and drop twice. Also called "Draughts". Red player: Type: Human, Computer (Easy). The game-play is pretty simple in this online checkers game. Click on red checker with your left mouse button and then point to the square. The board game Checkers is played on an 8x8 board and each player has 12 checker pieces. Men move straight forward or sideways, instead of diagonally. You must sign in to play this game. When you jump a checker of the opposite color, the checker is removed from the board. You guys are on your own! Players make agreement before starting the game.

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Play as a guest Sign in. To report cheating or other technical problems, please report the issue. Multiple jumps can occur. Hang on a sec! In the Bookmarks menu, select "Bookmark This Page". But Internet checkers means that you can switch boards whenever you like, whether you want to play the traditional way in Checkers Classic or Checkers Fun or you want to step on the board yourself or with your avatar anyway in Big Shot Checkers. checker game If the space on the other side is empty, you can jump the piece and keep it. Here's how you do it: The WordHunt Game SpeedType SpeedRead. Apologies for any inconvenience. The computer will move as 'black'. Log in to play with your friends! Free Online Checkers Game You Against the Computer Updated March 23, In the Bookmarks menu, select "Bookmark This Page". The main difference with the other games is that the captures can be made diagonally, but also straight forward and sideways. Checkers may only move diagonally one space, with the exception of jumping. Board and Table Game Antiques Illustrated ed. With this rule, there is no draw with 2 pieces against 1. The WordHunt Game SpeedType SpeedRead. Casino blackjack a man reaches the last row, it is promoted to a live galatasaray king Damawhich moves like a rook or a queen in Armenian Close Your Cl gestern History You have no recently played einen rubbeln. How to update 1. Log willaims hill to play with your friends! Board game Abstract strategy game.

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